Program Management


  • Proven On-time & On-Schedule
  • International or North American Programs
  • Large or Small IT Projects
  • Innovative Techniques - Proven Principles
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  • Operations Productivity & Measurement
  • Management Organization & Effectiveness
  • Training & Education 
  • Manufacturing, Procurement & Contracting
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Supply Chain


  • Increase Inventory Turns and Accuracy
  • Enhance Customer Service & Investment
  • Boost Purchasing Buying Power
  • Streamline Your Logistics Network
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Professional Development


  • Executive Development
  • Operational Education
  • Leadership & Team Building
  • Specific and Centered Programs
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Palmer Consulting Associates


“Gary lead significant change and I can confidently state that his contributions have been invaluable. The reputation and support for the Supply Chain Management Department have been heightened, setting the stage for his incumbent to begin maintaining and enhancing the base that Gary's leadership created."

Elsie Hutton
Chief Financial Officer
Regional Municipality Wood Buffalo

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Why Gary Palmer
Palmer Consulting Success

"Gary Palmer was added to this project a few weeks after the start in order to support project management led by SAP. He brought to the team a rich inventory of experiences, a broad scope of qualifications in project management, change management and SAP integration know how as well and a full set of tools. His contributions were very helpful and decisive to bring the project back on track. I was very impressed how quickly Gary was able to jump into the running project and to fully contribute his best knowledge to the team of some 20 highly specialized consultants, who had some six weeks of lead over him. He was catching up within few days and starting to lead the team. One of his amazing strengths which I will always remember is the combination of dedication to important details but without losing the big picture out of sight. He has established a network of excellent specialists within SAP or customer operations which he can rapidly mobilize in special situations. Another strength of him is a combination of healthy optimism, which is extremely supportive for the team, and vigilant and impartial control of the progress made."  Urs Fischer - Lean Solution

New Services
Business Process Optimization (BPO)

BPO also known as, BPR or Business Process Reengineering can enhance the value of your implementation. Get the most out of your system implementation by ensuring the business processes are fully optimized.

ERP Project Assessments

What is the real status of the implementation? We provide independent, forthright and professional project evaluations based on experience.

Design, Cost & Benefit Analysis 

Should we go ahead with this project? Can we get the value out of the implementation? How long and how much will it cost to implement what we need? Let experienced Project Manager’s advise you.