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Supply Chain Workshops
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The Supply Chain Workshops are a comprehensive professional development program. lt consists of four workshops and provides you with a broad encompassing view of global end-to-end supply chain management.



Supply Chain Management Fundamentals

  • Explore how successful supply chain management adds value to your organization.
  • Understand supply chain management processes.
  • Recognize the fundamentals of green supply chain initiatives.
  • Develop a supply chain strategy that aligns with corporate strategy.
  • Develop and implement supply chain risk management strategies.
  • Assess and measure the effectiveness of supply chains.
  • Establish a continuous improvement precess for supply chains.
  • Understand the importance of supply chain design and its continually evolving capabilities.



Building Competitive Operations, Planning, and Logistics

  • Understand natural dynamics within the supply chain to optimize performance and increase profitability
  • Assess the value of demands and reduce complexity in demand planning.
  • Establish collaborations to replace or improve demand estimates.
  • Include supply chain factors in product designs.
  • Align distribution and transportation options with supply chain strategy.
  • Develop and implement plans for using 3PL and 4PL service providers.



Managing Customer and Supplier Relationships

  • Categorize customers based on their profiles and needs.
  • Understand customer loyalty and lifetime value of a customer.
  • Establish measures of customer satisfaction.
  • Understand the strategic importance of purchasing and supplier relationships.
  • Establish a supplier rating system.
  • Effectively use customer data to improve service performance and increase value to suppliers and customers.



Using Information Technology to Enable Supply Chain Management

  • Understand the role of data and information technology in support of the supply chain.
  • Learn how technology-enabled supply chains contribute to business strategies and operating plans.
  • Explore the IT infrastructure as it relates to the comprehensive set of supply chain management systems.
  • Understand the innovative technologies enabling collaborative commerce and global visibility.
  • Apply technology to enhance distribution, reverse logistics, and global supply chain communications.
Program Management


  • Proven On-time & On-Schedule
  • International or North American Programs
  • Large or Small IT Projects
  • Innovative Techniques - Proven Principles
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  • Operations Productivity & Measurement
  • Management Organization & Effectiveness
  • Training & Education 
  • Manufacturing, Procurement & Contracting
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Supply Chain


  • Increase Inventory Turns and Accuracy
  • Enhance Customer Service & Investment
  • Boost Purchasing Buying Power
  • Streamline Your Logistics Network
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Professional Development


  • Executive Development
  • Operational Education
  • Leadership & Team Building
  • Specific and Centered Programs
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