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“Gary worked well with the executive team clarifying and satisfying the various business requirements while leading his teams in the detailed execution of the project. His attention to detail, high standard of performance and continual tutelage along with mentorship exemplify his leadership technique and accomplishment.

Guy Brassard
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Supply Chain
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Palmer Consulting is recognized as the Supply Chain and Manufacturing subject matter expert including purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, warehousing, distribution, transportation, process optimization, operations streamlining and turnaround, TQM, constraints management and risk management.

The following are clear examples of some Selected Accomplishments, Private Corporation and Public Corporation Supply Chain work performed by Mr. Palmer.

Selected Accomplishments

  • Rebuilt an complete Supply Chain Operational function within in a $75MM sales, a $500MM Oil & Gas (SAGD) and a $1B public supply chain organization.
  • Category Managed upstream, downstream & mining chemicals, pipe & tubing, valves & fittings, heavy equipment & spares, electrical & instrumentation, ‘trash & trinkets’.
  • Developed & implemented performance measurement & benchmarking tools for operations and programs.
  • Significantly improved central distribution & warehousing performance from 1 to 4 turns, increased service factor to 97% maintaining investment and a 95% service level; 46% effective reduction and optimization of stagnant inventory.
  • Successfully worked as change agent.
  • Teach Supply Chain & Manufacturing at Alberta colleges, Universities and major corporations.

Private Corporation Work

Mr. Palmer provided a value added Supply Chain management consulting optimization review and recommendations. The assignment included the broad business perspective from Supply Chain structure and design; Organizational Change Management; Organizational design through system process, role and responsibilities.  The improvement opportunities also include updating the SAP Materials Management processes.

The line responsibilities included the supervision and direction of all Project and Operations contracting and purchasing activities for all material and services within the supply chain management department;  ensure the sound performance of these activities in compliance with relevant processes and procedures; executed all performance management process activities for direct reports.  Mr. Palmer was also responsible to:

  • The team manages all the purchasing, contracting, transportation, warehousing, expediting, surplus management and project buying for the company.
  • Provide role model leadership to continuously increase the organization's capability. 
  • Demonstrates visible leadership within department and the entire organization. 
  • Foster teamwork and effective communication. 
  • Mentor/coach and provide feedback to direct reports routinely for continuous improvement, increased performance and flexible, efficient and effective functioning of Procurement.
  • Schedule and conduct appraisal sessions, develop employee skills, and encourage career enrichment to better meet the goals of the individual, department and the company. 
  • Promote the procurement function internally and convince end-users of the added value of Supply Chain Management. 
  • Administer, negotiate and initiate contracts in order to provide the company with third party services for all of its operations (including production, projects, drilling, office, etc. in close co-operation with the Legal Department). 
  • Deliver cost effective and efficient procurement services in order to provide equipment and materials for all of its operations including production, projects, drilling, office, etc. 
  • Ensure that all relevant procurement procedures and processes are maintained up to date and are followed.

Public Corporation Work 

Mr. Palmer directed the overall vision of the department. He aligned the department’s overall goals and plans with the larger municipal strategic plan and ensures that employees are carrying out the proper functions to allow the department to provide efficient, innovative, and influential service delivery. Primary responsibilities of this role include:

Leadership, Planning, and Development: Developed and implemented performance measures that provided clear objectives and goals for employees within the Supply Chain Management department. Provided leadership and mentoring to all municipal leaders, managers, and staff to increase staff skills and knowledge in functional areas and build service potential.

Accomplishments include:

  • Strategic planning, 5 year plan, implemented
  • Vision & operating principles developed
  • Detail planning for 1, 3 & 5 years
  • Broad base comparison of Canadian Municipalities
  • Customer focused procurement reorganization for service contracting environment based on principles of Category Management
  • Managed public annual operating spend of $1 billion
    • Contracting for Maintenance services
    • Procurement of Regional Inventory
    • Contracting and procurement of Regional
    • Engineering Services, Bridges, roadways, buildings (to Leeds Bronze and Silver), Sewer & Water systems, etc.
  • Category Management
    • Develop Spend and Market intelligence
    • Long and Short term Procurement strategy
    • Pricing, volume and discount structure strategy
    • Demand and Supply protection agreements
    • Strong Vendor Management programs with KPI’s
    • Fact based term, supply and pricing negotiation
    • Inventory control
    • Internal Business Team Management (Engineering, Maintenance, Executive Management, etc.)
    • Standardization Development
  • Introduced TCO measurement
  • Invoicing improvement from 62 days to 26 day receipt-to-payment
  • SOP’s for Procurement, Invoicing, Warehousing designed and implemented
  • Re-wrote the all-inclusive Public Bid Package documents
  • Warehousing operation improvements including Annual Count reduction by 1/2
  • Public operating Supply Chain policy for municipality designed and adopted
  • Sustainability/ Green Procurement policy developed
  • Performance measurement initiated weekly, monthly & quarterly
  • Preliminary ‘Reverse Auction’ evaluation
  • Succession Planning
  • Training programs initiated
Program Management


  • Proven On-time & On-Schedule
  • International or North American Programs
  • Large or Small IT Projects
  • Innovative Techniques - Proven Principles
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  • Operations Productivity & Measurement
  • Management Organization & Effectiveness
  • Training & Education 
  • Manufacturing, Procurement & Contracting
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Supply Chain


  • Increase Inventory Turns and Accuracy
  • Enhance Customer Service & Investment
  • Boost Purchasing Buying Power
  • Streamline Your Logistics Network
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Professional Development


  • Executive Development
  • Operational Education
  • Leadership & Team Building
  • Specific and Centered Programs
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